Oona Grimes is a London based artist, primarily a chaser of language through drawing and clay making.

During Grimes’ 2018 Bridget Riley Fellowship at The British School at Rome she segued from thieving Lorenzetti tartans and cartoon detail from Etruscan paintings, to the appropriation of neorealist films – mis-remembered, imitated and low tech re- enacted: a physical drawing of herself captured on i-phone.

“You’re lured inspite of yourself, inspite of not knowing what the shady characters and disjointed hieroglyphics represent… Isn’t this what Grimes is seeking – a way to notate a reality that can’t be determined or resolved through narrative or catharsis?” Cherry Smyth

My drawings are a celebration of the absurd, a transformation of ordinary objects & a simmering consomme of fact & fiction, an ongoing series of parallel worlds. They are an investigation into language, beginnings & ends of it, learning & losing it, neurological case studies, alzheimers, slippage & mis-memory. Clay is the in between bit – the instinctive making-ness that fills in the gaps.

“Now tanglehead has nothing to say to brickface. Characters once locked in the personalities of hierarchical position must change as the power of speech is lost.” Cherry Smyth

Grimes is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art London & The Ruskin School of Art Oxford University. She is the Bridget Riley Fellow at the British School at Rome 2018.


Hanna Barbera meets the Rationalist philosophers meets the Early Renaissance meets Felix the Cat & Windsor McKay